SYEF from WaveBreak on Vimeo.

What? We provide educational opportunities for Samburu (Kenya) youth through financial support of their education.

Who? Our criteria for scholarships includes strong academic achievement, potential for leadership and success, and financial need. In addition, at least 50% of our recipients are girls.

How? The Samburu Youth Education Fund works in partnership with leaders in the community to identify promising young people who show potential for leadership and social change. Over time we hope to help create a critical mass of educated individuals with the skills and knowledge to make a difference in their community.

Why? Educational opportunities for young people is one of the greatest investments to be made in developing world communities such as Samburu, Kenya. However, secondary school education in Kenya is not free and many of Kenya’s pastoral, rural families cannot afford the costs. In Samburu, most families focus on meeting basic needs; there are minimal opportunities for families to make enough money to send their sons and daughters to school.

Where? Samburu covers a large region in the northern part of Kenya stretching from the Uaso Ng’iro River to the south of Lake Turkana. SYEF’s scholarship recipients generally come from the areas around the community of Archer’s Post.