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The Samburu Youth Education Fund has teamed up with Uso Africa Safaris ( to offer a trip to Samburu in January 2015. We will celebrate the high school graduation of our first cohort of students (it’s gonna be big!) and also provide plenty of opportunity to experience Samburu’s amazing wildlife and visit other parts of the country.  If you’re interested, go to to let us know.

Monica is an example about the need for education for girls in the developing world.  Despite her dreams of going to secondary school, she was forced into an arranged marriage at age 15 instead. Many years and broken promises later, she took a bold step earlier this year and fled with her son.  She told SYEF that she wants her story to be among the last ones like it Samburu. She is motivated to become an advocate for the rights of women and girls.  Her sponsorship from SYEF will begin in January.

Many years ago, it was Isaiah and a few of his peers who inspired us to think about creating an organization to support Samburu youth, as he studied relentlessly while in primary school.  Now a student at Likii Hills High School, Isaiah was recently selected by the school faculty to be the student body leader for the 2014 school year.  His school, located about 60 miles from his home, draws students from all over Kenya including many of the more affluent communities. According to his teachers, Isaiah’s background is among the most humble and most poor among his peers.  Isaiah is a perfect example that hard work and strong character help us achieve great things in life no matter our background.