Investing in education and women’s empowerment are two well-researched strategies to effectively address global issues like poverty, population growth, health improvement and sustainability. At SYEF, we’re doing both.

In partnership with individual artisan women in the Samburu community where our scholarship recipients come from, SYEF sells hand-crafted beadwork to generate income for women while raising money for scholarships. Women are compensated at prices we determine together based on her time and the materials needed. The participating women must be the parent, grandparent or guardian of a school-aged child with the idea that some of her income is likely used to support her child’s education. In 2016, our participating women earned around $400 each, or roughly the equivalent of the household average in their community.

We sell the beaded items at a resale price, with the profits supporting our scholarship and leadership development initiatives. A sample of our items are shown below, and can be purchased by clicking on the item which will redirect you to our Etsy site. Other items now shown below are available at events throughout the year, particularly in the summer festival months and November/December holiday market season. See the calendar of events to the right for more information.

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