Women Thrive in SYEF Bead Program


Our primary women’s group partner for our beading program, the Unity Women’s Group, recently completed construction of a tourist hut for adventure-seeking travelers to Samburu. The women charge the equivalent of about $21 per person per night, and have had a modest but steady flow of visitors for a few months now.

The women built the tourist hut with funds generated primarily through the income they earned via their beading program with SYEF.  It was their own group decision-making that led to this reinvestment of a portion of the income into a venture that would generate additional revenue, and they are close to recouping their initial start-up costs already.  None of this should be surprising; researchers have long shown that investment in women in the developing world often leads to sustainable and positive outcomes. It’s wonderful to see that hold true for the women of Unity, as well.

As Unity continues to transition to a more consistent income, and one that is also less dependent on SYEF bead sales, we will bring additional women into our beading program, and hopefully have a similar effect elsewhere.  In the meantime, you can go to our Etsy site to purchase some of the items we sell, or visit one of our upcoming holiday events if you’re in Colorado.


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