Our Mission

To provide equitable opportunities for the youth of northern Kenya to enhance leadership development and problem-solving skills through educational scholarships and opportunities for civic involvement that lead to a healthy and prosperous society.
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What alumni say about our impact


SYEF provides equitable opportunities for the youth of Samburu to enhance their leadership development and problem-solving skills through educational scholarships, civic involvement opportunities, and community programs.


Our participants demonstrate evidence of leadership, commitment to community, academic achievement, and/or extenuating personal or family circumstances. In addition, at least 50% of our participants across all programs are women and girls.


The Samburu Youth Education Fund works in partnership with leaders in the community to identify promising young people who show potential for leadership and social change. Over time we hope to help create a critical mass of educated individuals with the skills and knowledge to make a difference in their community.


We believe fostering educational and entrepreneurial pathways for youth and women are pivotal investments in communities in development and growth, such as Samburu, Kenya. However, secondary school education and capital for small business and community initiatives are often inaccessible or costly, and out of reach for many of Kenya’s pastoral, rural families.


Samburu covers a large region in the northern part of Kenya stretching from the Uaso Ng’iro River to the south of Lake Turkana. SYEF’s program activities are generally based around the community of Archer’s Post.

2022 Financial Metrics

8 %
Fundraising Expenses

Raising SYEF awareness to
generate funds and donations.

Recurring donations give us the ability to
plan ahead & keep this value low.

88 %
Program Expenses

Supporting the youth of Samburu in
accordance with our mission & values.

This amount is 21.7% higher than the
2022 Nonprofit industry average.

8 %
Administration Expenses

Costs associated with running the
overall operations of the nonprofit.

We appreciate our selfless team, event
organizers, and volunteers.