December 14, 2015

December holiday break community assistance

Many of SYEF’s scholarship recipients spent two days during their December holiday break improving the home of a local elderly woman whose hut was literally falling apart.  The students spent the first day deconstructing her current hut and salvaging parts that could be reused in the new structure. The ensuing hours and day involved digging holes to set new poles, weaving the walls made from local branches, constructing a roof from local lumber and thatch, and gathering many wheelbarrows full of soil to make the material needed to complete the walls.  All of the efforts were co-led by SYEF’s local advisors and a Turkana woman with great skills and leadership in how to construct this traditional structure.  A few SYEF alumni from last year got wind of what the students were up to, and brought them water and snacks.  The assessment of the effort by our local advisors was full of warmth and praise about the attitude and effort of the SYEF youth.  They smiled and laughed, they shared the responsibilities, they treated each other equally as humans capable of contributing to this effort. They are learning that aspects such as tribe and gender do not matter when it comes to working together and improving a community. These students make us so proud!


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