SYEF Programs

Headed into our 13th year, we are building on our core strengths while adapting programs to lessons that were learned through the Covid years.


Benedict received his secondary school diploma in 2014, and then completed a post-secondary certificate in tourism and security from the Kenya Wildlife Service’s Wildlife Training Institute.

He is currently employed as a wildlife ranger at the Sera Wildlife Conservancy in Samburu where his responsibilities include addressing conflict mitigation between wildlife and pastoralists.

Benedict supports school for two students and constructed a permanent and secure house for his parents.

SYEF supported Jackson with a full scholarship for secondary school, which he completed in 2018. He leveraged his diploma and skills to complete a post-secondary degree in medicine and technology. Today, he works as a clinical laboratory scientist at a community hospital and brings vaccinations and health education to people in remote communities in Samburu.

Jackson also helps women’s groups with budgeting and how to safely save their money.

SYEF provided Jenerica, who was one of the earliest cohorts, with a scholarship. She graduated in 2015 and has since become a teacher in her community. She not only supports her son but also helps two other girls from her community. Additionally, she has built a house that offers both durability and security.

As with every member of Samburu Youth, all Jenerica needed years ago was an opportunity; she already had the work ethic and commitment to help others.

Adriana completed secondary school in 2016, supported by an SYEF scholarship that covered 100% of the cost. She leveraged her high school education to enroll in a post-secondary program in fashion and design, combining her love for creativity and entrepreneurship with

specialized skills as a tailor, designer and artist. She has worked alongside child-focused organizations in her community to train mothers on how to make and repair school uniforms, and assisted in making sanitary towels that are otherwise hard for young girls to attain.

During COVID-19 Adriana made hundreds of masks for distribution in her community.

Today, she runs her own sewing business designing and producing bags, school uniforms, and women’s clothing, and earning sufficient income to support herself and daughter, and contributing to upkeep of her mother’s home, where she lives.