January 17, 2014

New recipients selected and show great promise!

Our local advisory committee in Archer’s Post, Kenya selected the 11 recipients for our next round of scholarships on January 8 (bringing our total to 50 students). The students will report for secondary school around February 1 for the start of the year. After a meeting with our students and their parents / caregivers to share the expectations and parameters of the scholarships, the students gathered a few days later at a local primary school for a few hours’ of service in which they painted and hung new blackboards (supplies courtesy of SYEF contributor Karen Canino. Thanks Karen!). We were so immediately impressed with their hard work and cooperative attitudes with each other, that we took them to lunch afterward. It turned into a great discussion about their hopes and fears as they prepare to start school in locations throughout Kenya. Each student shared final remarks as we wrapped up the day, one indicating he never felt so special and happy as he did at that moment, and another sharing that she was surprised at how quickly she felt accepted and a part of something important. We are excited for them to thrive and prosper!

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