November 13, 2019

Our sixth cohort of students completes high school!

The 13 students that comprise our sixth cohort of students completed high school in November 2019. They join our other 64 alumni to be among a small percentage of individuals in their community to complete a high school education. Following receipt of their national exam results early in 2020, they will be equipped to pursue post-secondary education, employment, as well as other necessities for transitioning to adulthood, such as a national identification card and similar country requirements.

Our students attended schools throughout Kenya, and as a result, experienced people and places that were novel, eye-opening and broadened their horizons. Some of our students had never traveled further than a few kilometers from their home community before attending high school hundreds of kilometers away, in areas with different climates, tribes and customs. While unfamiliar environments can initially feel unnerving, they also facilitate personal growth, adaptability and the value of diversity.

We have high hopes for our new alumni as they determine their next steps and face a new set of opportunities and challenges while pursuing their life goals. Congratulations to this group!


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