December 14, 2014

SYEF alum reaches out to his community

In November, SYEF alumnus Gabriel Lengamunyak kicked off the Samburu Moran Education Programme (SAMEP) to increase literacy among his peers with minimal formal education.  “Moran” is a term to describe young (and usually unmarried) adolescent men in Samburu, and they have traditionally had primary responsibility for herding livestock and providing security to their community.  Nowadays, individuals like Gabriel might choose to pursue a formal education in lieu of those traditional roles. In the case of Gabriel, he chose school in order to acquire skills and strategies for community development  and poverty alleviation.  He is now a student at University of Nairobi seeking a degree in project management and planning. SEMAP is entirely his vision and initiative, and his efforts illustrate the positive outcomes of an investment in education.

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