September 15, 2017

Workshops and Service during the School Break

Our 52 youth returned home for their three week break from high school in August/September, and that means it was time for workshops and service.  Our partners at Daraja Academy, located about 60 miles north of Samburu, again made the trip down the hill to facilitate a leadership-focused workshop over a few days’ time.  Our students revisited goals they set for themselves in April, reflected on success in reaching those goals, and then transitioned the conversation toward the future. Our students discussed big visions for the future of their community, and considered how to translate dreams into day-to-day decisions.

The service project for the break included assistance at a local primary school with their trash disposal options.  There is no solid waste management system in Samburu; every household, school and business must deal with trash on their own.  The most common and practical option is burning trash. Our students helped dig a bigger, deeper hole for trash burning, which is no small task in this region and its dense, dry and rocky soil!

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